Probe International are the UK leaders in Paranormal Conferences. Many speakers from all over the world attend Probe International. We cover all subjects including Ufology, Crop Circles, Paranormal Phenomena, Cryptozoology, The Supernatural, Parapsychology, Fortean Events, Conspiracies, The Profound and Strange. Probe International holds two main conferences each year currently in the location Blackpool, Lancashire - North West of England, a two day event in both March and October.



Probe International was founded in 1990 by Sam and Jean Wright who were involved in LAPIS (Lancashire Anomalous Phenomena Investigation Society) based in the UK, and UFO Research Group Melbourne, situated in Australia. Jean Wright passed away in 2011, but left behind an impressive legacy of what she achieved over her 27 years of hosting UK and Europe's longest running UFO, Paranormal & Spiritual Annual Conferences.


Jean's main objective when hosting conferences and events was that information, truth and understanding should be made freely available to those wanting to learn more in the field of UFOlogy, the Paranormal and Spirituality. Her work is to this day still supported and delivered by her husband, Sam Wright and her son Paul who host two annual conferences each year which receives national, and international interest from researchers, authors and lecturers in the field, who use this platform to present their body of work. Jean's legacy lives on through these events, and still attracts a considerable following.


“It has been a blessing and honor to have the late Jean Wright as a mother, and a wonderful father, both of whose legacy I have every intention of building on in future events, and over the years to come. With over 30 years involvement with UFO and Paranormal groups and conferences, my parents worked tirelessly to bring inspirational, diverse and interesting USA speakers to the UK stage, such as: Jordan Maxwell, Charles Hall, Jo Anne Richards, Dolores Cannon, Andrew Strom (Philadelphia Experiment) to name but a few... This resulted in a birth of Probe International, UK/Europe’s longest running UFO/Paranormal/Spiritual conference.


My father remain the directors of Probe International, and will make executive decisions. Some new changes are to take place in October 2016. Everything we implement is carefully considered, and has at its core the sense of who and what Probe is, and will remain. Our intention is to expand, but not at the expense of the quality of what we will be delivering”


Paul Wright.







Probe International was established in 1990 by Sam and Jean Wright of St. Anne’s, Lancashire UK and was the first organisation to hold international conferences in the UK, obtaining speakers from numerous countries, lecturing on all aspects of the strange and unknown, including UFO incidents, the paranormal, supernatural occurrences and much more...  Over the last 25 years, Probe International have held two conferences each year lasting for 2 days in March and October allowing up to 200 visitors per day to educate themselves in regards the world of the strange and profound. Such conferences provided a platform for lecturers to talk and discuss sensitive incidents and media restricted cases that would otherwise be suppressed and not circulated to the general public. Since 1990, the Probe International conferences have grown in strength and popularity as well as becoming the UK's leading event of its type.


Probe events are best known for their socially relaxed and friendly atmosphere providing something for everyone, from newcomers to the subjects to seasoned investigators and researchers. Visitors can also pop along to the evening events and personally chat with the speakers.


I first met Sam and Jean back in 1990 when Probe was launched and have been attending their regular events each year. In 2008, I began to recognise the importance of such events and came on board as sponsors of the Probe events through Phenomena Magazine, the world's largest E-zine of its kind. Now distributed to 11 countries and with over 1.8 million subscribers per year. Since then I have enjoyed seeing Probe grow in numbers each year.


Probe international have recently held their 25th-anniversary conference in St. Anne’s, UK, and further events are to continue in April and October of 2016. So please join us on this incredible journey... some exciting times ahead!...



Steve Mera BSc: Director,  Phenomena Magazine

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